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A Smoking Haven

"If I lived in Montgomery this is where I would hang out!" - Nick Perdomo Jr. 

A Smoking Haven is not just a tag line to us, but a statement of who we are. Havana Dreamin’ was formed when the news broke that our favorite Montgomery, Alabama cigar store was going out of business. That information created a panic as the cigar store gang contemplated a future without a place to enjoy cigars. After the initial alarm faded, an idea began to take root; we can find another place to smoke cigars -- even if we have to build it ourselves!

Departing from the usual strip mall cigar store that is all humidor, cash registers and a small to nonexistent smoking lounge we began searching for a house with lots of room for relaxing and enjoying the cigar or pipe smoking experience. We located a house zoned for business near the historic old Cloverdale district and the planning accelerated. A Caribbean beach house theme seemed a natural for a cigar store, especially one named Havana Dreamin’. 

Today we happily find ourselves situated in a uniquely decorated and comfortable shop with a covered deck out back and a full humidor while we tackle a dwindling list of projects and gratefully appreciate a steadily growing customer base. We feel it’s finally safe to declare our store fully open and ready for your visit; a visit we believe will be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Come by and hang out!

With Dave and Clarke

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